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Oakland Jobs

Oakland jobs come in a variety of types and can be found in a series of different industries. The unemployment rate in Oakland is only 3.3 percent as of March 2018, which is less than the nations unemployment rate of 4.1 percent and is also remaining steady. The local economy continues to be strong, and projections for job growth are positive. There are several industries that make up a significant portion of the job opportunities. These industries include professional and business services, scientific and technical, private education and health sciences, and health care and social assistance. These industries are projected to add the most Oakland jobs in the near future.

Oakland jobs by Industry

The professional and business services segment is expected to add at least 14,000 more jobs in the upcoming year. These jobs tend to pay well and often require some type of higher education. The scientific and technical segment is said to be adding over 9,000 jobs, and private education and health sciences combined with health care and social assistance will offer a total of over 14,000 jobs. These new jobs will likely be a mix of entry-level and managerial positions.

Oakland Employers

Many of the largest employers in Oakland have current positions available. Given the sheer volume of employees each firm has, that is no surprise. The largest Oakland employer is Kaiser Permanente, employing over 12,000 employees as of the end of December 2017. The nextemployer, Sutter Health, has less than a third of the employees (3,600), but still provides a wide variety of job opportunities. Similar in size to Sutter Health, the third largest employer, Southwest Airlines, employs nearly 3,000 individuals. All three of these organizations have positions with a wide variety of responsibilities and duties.

Oakland has maintained a low unemployment rate for over three years and continues to do so. The healthy local economy provides vast opportunities to find suitable, available Oakland jobs for job seekers in all industries.

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